Full Time Realtor, Investor & Property Planner

Division Director, PropNex Realty 

Humble Beginnings

I come from a modest upbringing, hailing from a small and economically disadvantaged family. My parents worked as hawkers and life was not easy back then, and I encountered various obstacles while striving to pursue my education. However, through determination and perseverance, I have reached the point where I stand today.

Growing up in rented property in the past and now owning my own property has instilled in me a deep understanding of the significance of money. It has also fostered a greater sense of appreciation and empathy towards individuals who are less fortunate.



Before Joining The Real Estate Industry

Prior to beginning my career as a realtor, I entered into a contract with the Singapore Air Force for a duration of seven years. The decision to sign the contract stemmed from the fact that I was already obligated to serve two years of national service, so I thought, why not commit to an additional five years as a regular? This choice not only offered decent remuneration at the time but also helped alleviate the financial burden on my family.

Having completed two years of service, I made a conscious decision to seize the opportunity and utilize my time effectively. Consequently, I enrolled in a part-time degree program at NTU. Balancing work responsibilities while pursuing education proved to be quite challenging. Nevertheless, I demonstrated perseverance and managed to time everything meticulously, successfully completing my degree program and concluding my contract with the RSAF simultaneously.

Property Industry

When my contract was nearing its end, I had to make a crucial decision about what to do next. Should I renew my contract or venture into the outside job market?

Initially, my plan was to find an engineering job that would allow me to apply the knowledge I had gained from my studies. However, an unexpected twist occurred when a colleague introduced me to the real estate industry in 2004. At first, I wasn't sure if this career path would be a good fit for me since I had no prior sales experience. However, once I started, I never looked back. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, I discovered that my true calling lay in sales.

My previous role as an instructor in the RSAF taught me how to actively listen to others' needs and concerns, and effectively engage with them. This quality, which I honed over the years, has proven to be crucial in my journey as a real estate professional.

What The Future Holds For Me?

Throughout almost two decades in the real estate industry, I have successfully helped numerous clients achieve their diverse objectives. These include property upgrades, downsizing, relocations, investments, property restructuring (such as decoupling, trusts, and inheritance), and wealth management. By assisting them in these areas, I have enabled them to attain financial independence and experience capital appreciation. 

In conclusion, looking back I have no regrets as choosing the real estate career path. It has not only provided me with a stable and substantial income, but, more importantly, it has allowed me to assist numerous less fortunate families in resolving their problems and improving their living situations.

While I acknowledge that age is catching up with me, I hope to continue working as long as my health allows me to do so. One of the advantages of this profession is that there is no fixed retirement age, which gives me the opportunity to continue making a positive impact in people's lives for years to come.

About Me & My Personality

I am an honest and cheerful individual, which becomes evident when we first engage in a conversation. I prefer to be upfront with my clients, friends, and family, and I do not shy away from giving them my genuine opinion. This straightforwardness has led to continued business from previous clients who have repeatedly sought my assistance throughout their property journey.

Commitment Level

I adopt an empathetic approach with all of my clients, as I believe that understanding and sharing their experiences enables me to provide tailored solutions and effectively address their concerns.

- Joseph Tan, Division Director, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd.

Over 1000+ transactions in the last 18 years and counting!

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