Successful Transactions

Here, you can explore my previous transactions, where I've assisted numerous families in resolving their challenges. Whether it's upgrading, right-sizing, or making investments, I've been instrumental in helping them attain their aspirations and objectives.

Successful Transactions

Mr and Mrs Won's family had grown in size. They needed a bigger space to accommodate to their growing kids. They upgraded from a 4room flat to an Executive Mansionette HDB.


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Ms Lai wanted to invest in a private property and she saw my brochure and called me for a discussion. She furnished her data and i calculated her finances. However, to her dismay, she is not able to hold 2 property due to her income constraint. Subsequently, she decided to purchase a 1 bedder at Jadescape in Nov 2020 after my advice.

Mr Chua has applied for a new BTO from HDB. He wants to sell his current resale flat and transit to his new BTO flat seamlessly without having to shift twice. 


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Kenneth is recommended to me via his sister. He wanted to purchase a property for his son. However, his son have not reached the age of 21 therefore he can only purchase the property under a living trust. We scoured around and purchased a 2 Bedder at Pullman Residences for his son in March 2022.

I knew Mr & Mrs Kok back in 2014. They sold their HDB and upgraded to an Executive Condo in 2015. After 5 years, they wanted to change of location which is nearer to MRT for ease of transport for their kids to go to school. Initial plan was to 2 purchase a bigger unit with both their names. However, they were open to purchase a resale condo for own stay and also another 1 bedder for investment purpose. They heeded my advice and Mrs  Kok went on to purchase a 1 bedder at Jadescape whereas Mr Kok purchased a 3 bedder condo for their family to stay in.

Will this be your first property?

This is a question i will ask my buyers as i need to know what are their goals and what are the fees that will affect them such as Stamp Duties, Additional Buyer Stamp Duties, Seller Stamp Duties etc.

Types of Nationalities also plays an important role as Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents(PRs) and Foreigners pay different amount of stamp duties. 

First Property

First Property Buyers pay a Stamp Duty of between 3-5%, depending on the Purchase amount. Click on the link below for the tax rates.

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Second Property for Investment

Buyers who intend to buy a 2nd property or more have to consider the MSR (Mortgage Servicing Ratio) in mind and how much can they borrow from the banks and how much CPF can be utilised.

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Foreigners Buying Properties in Singapore

If you are a foreigner and intend to invest in a property in Singapore, you have to check what type of properties you are eligible to buy and what type of Stamp Duty is applicable.

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