Selling Your Property?

Your home can be an asset that holds emotional value for you, and deciding to entrust its sale to a professional realtor is a significant choice. Click here to discover how i can assist you in effectively marketing your property.


I typically prefer arranging physical meet-up sessions to examine their concerns or goals, allowing me to customize and identify suitable solutions for their problems. However, it would be advantageous for customers to answer a few questions in advance, if they are comfortable doing so. This will benefit both parties: I can gather relevant information and data for the presentation, while customers can effectively address their concerns. Moreover, my questions often prompt customers to reflect further on their own thoughts."

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Discussion & Planning

Effective financial planning plays a vital role in achieving one's goals. This includes obtaining CPF property withdrawal figures and securing in-principle approval for bank or HDB loans, which can assist in deciding the appropriate course of action to take towards your objectives.


Photo Taking & Marketing

Frequently, the property may not be in an optimal condition for photography and videography. Leveraging on my extensive experience, I offer valuable suggestions and guidance to homeowners regarding necessary preparations before proceeding with the photo and video shoots.


Securing a Buyer & Paperwork

Secure a buyer, finalize the required paperwork, and proceed with the legal transfer and house handover process.

Marketing Your Property

I offer a range of media channels to ensure your property is marketed to its fullest potential.

Property portals such as propertyguru, 99.c0, EdgeProperty. Click here to see the properties that I am marketing exclusively. 

Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram. Click here to visit my Facebook Page and see the latest updates and stories. 

Videos of various properties i am currently marketing. Click here to see the videos. 

Virtual viewings have becomg increasingly popular. Nowadays, with potential buyers often requesting an online tour of the house before scheduling a physical viewing. Click here for the virtual tours that I am marketing. 

What are my Charges or Commission?

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Selling a HDB or Private Resale Property


I charge 2% of the sales price which is typically the norm in the market. 

Buying a HDB or Private Resale Property


For HDB properties, i charge a 1% commission of the purchase price, whereas, for private properties, you don't have to pay as i'll be collecting commission from the seller's side aka "Co-Broking".

What my customers are saying...

“Joseph doesn't overcharge his customer! I can testify that given his wealth of knowledge, it's worth paying for his services!”

— Mr & Mrs Tan, Sellers Bellewaters

“Joseph truly is knowlegeable and a kind person. He understand my needs and problems and do not hard pressure me into selling my property. Although he did not sell my property due to my property was enbloc, i still engaged him in purchasing a property subsequently and it was a great journey that he guided me through!”

—  Ms Lorna Ambrose, Buyer Pasir Ris

“My wife and I are extremely satisfied with Joseph's services! we have sold and bought through him multiple times! Each and every time we engaged him, he always gives his honest and fair opinion and advises us to the fullest!”

— Mr Ridjal & Mdm Nur , Buyer Cum Seller Fernvale

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing and Branding Your House to its Fullest Potential

I always tell my clients : " I help you, You help me. We both Win!"

Tips To Make Your House More Impressionable!

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Removing clutter and minimizing bulky items in your home can create a more spacious and appealing environment for potential buyers. A cluttered home can give the impression of limited space, making the property seem small and uninviting. This can be especially evident in online property portals and websites, where images of a cluttered space can deter potential buyers from even considering the property. By decluttering and minimizing bulky items, you can make your home look larger and more open, which can help to attract buyers and potentially even increase the value of your property.

Clean Window

Clean Windows

If the window panes in your home are dirty, it can give potential buyers the impression that the property has not been well-maintained. This could lead them to believe that the owner did not regularly clean the house and may indicate other areas of neglect. Therefore, it's important to ensure that your windows are clean and in good condition before showing your home to prospective buyers. This small effort can make a big difference in creating a positive first impression and may even help you sell your home faster.


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A Warm and Homely Ambience

The first impression a buyer gets when entering a house is its cleanliness. To enhance this experience, you can engage the senses by eliminating any odors, using scented candles, playing relaxing music, and opening the windows to let in natural light. These elements create an inviting atmosphere and leave a positive impression on the buyer, making them more likely to want to purchase the property.