1. Identify The Issues

2. Market Research

3. Customized Plan & Solutions

Advice On Procedures and Strategies

For situations like divorce procedures, bankruptcy matters, probate cases and related proceedings - I will provide guidance and the required steps to move the the process forward.

Financial Planning & Assessment

If you have plans to buy or sell a property but are unsure on whether is it the best choice for you - I can provide my perspective from my 19 years of experience. Whether selling or buying or decoupling and investing - you can read my thoughts at

Marketing Your Unit

This includes helping you with home staging, photo-taking, virtual tours and videography. All these efforts will be designed to attract the best offers to tap into the emotional buying process.

Property Portals & Platforms

If you make the decision to sell your property, you will want to secure the best price possible within a certain time frame. We will place your listings in various popular platforms like PropertyGuru,, EdgeProp, SRX, FB, Youtube and TikTok!

Different Purposes, Wants and Needs

I would be delighted to assist you, whether you're looking to upgrade, right-size, invest , or seek capital appreciation for your property. I have also handled complex cases such as Divorces, Probate and also Bankruptcy cases. You can read more here.



Mr and Mrs Won's family had grown in size. They needed a bigger space to accommodate to their growing kids. They upgraded from a 4room HDB flat to an Executive Masionnette HDB.


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Right - Sizing

As retirement approaches, Mr. Nisham and Mdm. Norsiah are keen on downsizing their property due to an existing loan. Their thoughtful decision involves transitioning from their current 5-room HDB to a more compact 4-room flat, enabling them to fully settle their outstanding loan.

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Transition from HDB Resale to New BTO

Mr Chua residing in a 5room resale HDB. They already bought a new BTO flat 4 years prior and now it's time for their key collection.

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Divorce and Its Procedures

Mr Eng and Ms Lim are residing in a 2 bedder Executive Condo. They have already spilt and in a midst of finalising their divorce and Ms Lim wishes to purchase another unit.

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With the intention of owning a property for own stay and another for investment, Mr and Mrs Wong have followed my advice to decouple their private properties. They are now in the midst of searching for a suitable unit that satisfies their requirements.

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Need help or facing the above housing issues?

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