Upgrading From Resale 4Room To An Executive Mansionette

222A Living Rm 1

Punggol 4 Room Resale HDB

585 Living Rm 3

Pasir Ris Executive Mansionette

Mr. and Mrs. Won are longstanding clients of mine. Many years ago, they purchased a 5-room HDB flat through my assistance. Recently, they contacted me to recommend their daughter, Sabrina, and her husband, Clarke, to help with their property needs. Sabrina and Clarke were eager to upgrade from their current 4-room flat as their family had grown, and their children needed more space. They aimed to transition to an Executive Maisonette, a two-level property with four bedrooms, which would also provide room for their parents to stay over when needed.

To address the financial aspect, I initially assisted them in assessing their finances and connected them with bankers to obtain an in-principle approval (IPA) for a loan amount based on their income. With a clear understanding of their financial capabilities, they were ready to begin their search for their dream home.

Sabrina and Clarke shared their requirements and dreams with me, emphasizing the need for a spacious Executive Maisonette with separate levels for their family. They also stressed the importance of proximity to amenities and convenient transportation options to meet their family's needs.

We diligently scoured the market, exploring various options that met their criteria. After viewing numerous properties, we were fortunate to find an Executive Maisonette that nearly met all their requirements. This HDB flat was centrally located near Pasir Ris MRT, with nearby bus stops and main roads ensuring easy transportation for the entire family.

The family fell in love with the house at first sight. However, there was no such thing as a perfect house, as it required significant renovations to match their preferences and tastes.

Another challenge we faced was their tight timeline, even though they had obtained a three-month extension from the buyer of their 4-room flat. Renovating an Executive Maisonette, with its 1,600 sqft space, typically takes more time than usual. Fortunately, they found a temporary solution by staying with their parents, who had vacant rooms available.

They were delighted with my seamless assistance in both selling their previous property and purchasing their new one.